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Adaptogenic plants, know what they are and what they are for!

What are adaptogenic plants?

These are plants that improve adrenal health and our ability to adapt to extreme situations.

The adrenal glands (or adrenal glands) are the glands responsible for the stress response and adaptogens allow our body to better adapt to extreme stress situations, whether emotional, physical or chemical (too hot, too cold, too much mental stress , a lot of physical stress, …), without disturbing its normal functioning.

Situations such as extreme fatigue or anxiety benefit greatly from the use of adaptogenic plants.

Seeking caffeine or sugar to increase energy levels are alternatives that take effect shortly after ingestion, but which are not long-lasting and, in the case of sugar, not healthy.

Adaptogens allow a constant adaptive response and the plant in question will have many more benefits.

How to take and possible adverse effects:

Its intake should be done when you are going through extreme situations.

For example: if there is a certain time of the year when you know you have more work and therefore more stress, you should take adaptogens precisely at that time.

The dosage to be taken will depend on the adaptogen you choose, as well as the possible adverse effects. Excitement, insomnia or irritability are some of the signs that you should stop supplementation.

What are adaptogenic plants?

They are usually plants originating from high mountains, accustomed to surviving precisely in extreme situations.

In addition to their effect in terms of better adaptation to stress, they have other characteristics.

See examples:

  • Coca leaf (Erythroxylum coca): Before its use as a drug, the coca leaf (from which cocaine is produced) was an adaptogen used for situations of extreme physical stress – chewing and keeping a leaf in the mouth was the solution used by the Indians who lived at high altitudes in the Andes.

Being chewed this leaf does not cause the same effects as the cocaine that is produced through extraction processes.

  • Rhodiola: stimulates the immune system and is antidepressant.
  • Ashwagandha: increases energy but also helps you sleep better.
  • Panax ginseng/Korean ginseng/Siberian ginseng: improves blood circulation, memory and has a calming effect.

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