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basal insulin

Basal insulin

Insulin is responsible for transporting sugar from the blood into the cells.

Insulin is continuously produced by the pancreas and according to needs, that is, according to the level of sugar present in the blood that needs to be transported to the cells.

Knowing the level of insulin in the blood is very important, as it allows you to have a very accurate idea of ​​the repercussion that the person’s lifestyle, with emphasis on the intake of carbohydrates, is having on the general metabolism and on the increased risk of several diseases.

The analysis to know the basal level of insulin is done in fasting.

The basal insulin level is considered to be within the normal range between 5 and 25 units/ml.

Elevated Basal Insulin – Danger!

If the basal level of insulin is greater than 25 units / ml, this means that the person has insulin resistance.
This means that your cells need more and more insulin to be able to respond to the signal given by insulin to allow glucose to be transported from the blood into the cells.
Insulin resistance is the first step towards prediabetes, diabetes and metabolic diseases.

Elevated basal insulin is associated with an increased risk of:

– Pre-diabetes
– Type II diabetes
– If you already have type II diabetes, you are making your diabetes worse
– Atherosclerosis
– High blood pressure
– Cardiovascular disease
– Abdominal obesity
– Silent systemic inflammation
– Metabolic syndrome
– Degenerative neurological diseases and dementia
– Acceleration of aging processes

Basal insulin greater than 15 units/ml – order to act!

When the basal level of insulin exceeds 15 units / ml there is no time to lose: it is time to take action to reverse this metabolic trend and stay away from so many dangers.

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We recommend measuring basal insulin as part of periodic health assessments in preventive medicine and regularly in people with a family history of diabetes, overweight or systemic inflammatory diseases.

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