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Being a vegetarian makes you lose weight?

Imagine a vegetarian person!

Almost everyone, when they imagine a vegetarian person, they imagine someone thin, is that what happened to you?

There are many studies that show that vegetarians are healthier in many ways. Decreased inflammation and risk of metabolic diseases, and decreased risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease are examples.

But does the absence of animal products in the diet help to lose weight?
In essence, when someone decides to be vegetarian, because they don’t agree with eating animals, out of concern for the planet or because they started to read more about food, there are usually improvements in eating. Many start to eat organic food and discover foods they had never tried before. They vary a lot in their choices, eat more fruit and vegetables than non-vegetarians and are often advocates of daily physical exercise and practices such as meditation and yoga. In these cases, whenever the balance to achieve proteins of high biological value is respected and there is awareness of some risks, the person usually improves their health and loses some weight.

But if you just want to be a vegetarian because you think you’ll lose weight that way and you don’t even have your appetite under control yet, the experience probably won’t go well :

  • without meat and fish, you can make the mistake of eating more grains than usual;
  • dishes full of pasta and a few vegetables are not weight-friendly;
  • samosas, patties and croquettes are always unhealthy even if they have vegetables or soy inside. A lasagna is always a lasagna, whether vegetarian or not;
  • French fries and many processed products can be consumed by vegetarians (does that make them healthy?);
  • it is common to see vegetarian menus with many fried foods ;
  • your appetite may become even more decompensated if you are unable to get protein from alternative sources;
  • consumes kilos of fruit and lots of fruit juices – is that a good thing ?;
  • giant salads but with unhealthy sauces in industrial quantities are also not a good option;
  • soups with lots of potatoes and few vegetables are vegetarian and equally unhealthy;
  • sweets are meat/fish free and can be made without dairy products or eggs, but as with anyone else, they should not be consumed without a rule;
  • the same goes for sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Physical exercise is just as important for a vegetarian as it is for a non-vegetarian.

There is no evidence that being a vegetarian makes you lose weight and being an unhealthy vegetarian, as well as having any other type of diet and being unhealthy – will not help you lose weight! Yes, there are vegetarians who make a bad diet!

If you simply cut out the meat/fish/eggs/dairy products, but don’t cut down on sweets, sugary drinks, refined grains, hydrogenated fats and don’t even exercise – you won’t lose weight! In addition to foods with healthy fats such as walnuts/almonds/hazelnuts, seeds, olive oil or avocados, you still need to consume them.

Eating healthy vegetarian meals several times a week helps us to improve our health. And reducing meat/fish consumption is a sustainable option.
If you want to become a vegetarian, do it the right way. And that can even weight.

If you just want to be vegetarian because you think you’ll lose weight, first choose to introduce some vegetarian meals into your diet, eliminate sugar, exercise more, eat more fruit and vegetables, eat organic whenever you can and don’t use industrialized products – you will definitely be more successful.
See, for example, the Okinawa Diet or see if it’s worth removing gluten from your diet.

EsmeraldAzul – para uma vida saudável, consciente e sustentável.

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