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Toxics: the dangerous cumulative and interaction effect

Think of a very complex industrial device: an intricate system of pipes, turbines, ducts, ventilation system, conveyor belts. Imagine this system working flawlessly.
It happens that a grain of sand falls, there is a residue that runs aground in a corner, then dust accumulates in the gear, then another and another grain of sand in other parts of the gear, and a few days later the dust in the gear increases, and then some more residue in another corner… Small things that nobody saw.
During an audit, a decrease in the efficiency of this industrial complex was detected. Cause? Sand. Many grains of sand were found in the gear.

This is the cumulative effect.

If our complex detoxification system is always working perfectly and our organism never enters any substance that it is not prepared to deal with, most likely we will not run the risk of having chronic intoxication.

But this is an unrealistic scenario of a non-existent paradise.

In today’s reality, our organism contacts and is invaded by thousands of chemical substances.
Many of them belong to the toxic group that our body is not prepared to biotransform, neutralize and eliminate.
On the other hand, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, diet poor in nutrients, excessive stress lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of one, or some, of the organic systems involved in the detoxification function of the organism.

And the toxics build up, slowly and insidiously, without giving a warning signal, for years, or decades.

It’s the dangerous cumulative effect!

Thinking back to an industrial complex, a new audit was carried out, as the amount of grains of sand found was not enough to justify the observed drop in profitability.
Closer inspection found dust on the gear, and debris accumulated in some nooks and crannies that stuck to the grains of sand and prevented the belts from rolling evenly.

Small things that no one saw, but they were already many small things.

It is the effect of the interaction and potentiation of multiple factors.

Many chemical substances authorized and used within the parameters defined by law, in agri-food production, in cosmetics, in the construction industry and interior decoration, clothing, transport, are entering our organism, in minute, very small amounts. , today, tomorrow and the day after, accumulate over years, decades, and one day exceed, in some organisms, the doses considered safe.
It should be noted that these chemical substances interact with each other and potentiate their harmful effects in an impossible way to predict.

It is the dreaded cumulative and interacting effect of multiple factors!

We are far, far from knowing the consequences of the joint action, or interactions, of the various toxins accumulated throughout life in the human body.

We are all exposed to this risk.

Prevention is necessary!
To know. Watch. Protect yourself!

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